Hydraulic Power Packs

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Power Packs from Udyambag, Belgaum, Karnataka, India.

Custom Build Power Packs are tailored solutions designed to meet specific power requirements in various industries. These power packs are carefully crafted, incorporating high-quality components and advanced engineering techniques to deliver reliable and efficient performance. With their customizable features and versatility, Custom Build Power Packs provide the flexibility to address unique power needs in diverse applications.


Industrial Machinery: Custom Build Power Packs are extensively used in industrial machinery and equipment. They provide power for hydraulic systems, enabling the smooth operation of machinery such as presses, lifts, conveyors, and machine tools.

Mobile Applications: These power packs find application in mobile equipment and vehicles that require hydraulic power. They are commonly used in construction machinery, agricultural equipment, material handling vehicles, and utility vehicles.

Material Handling: Custom Build Power Packs are employed in material handling systems and equipment. They power hydraulic lifts, scissor lifts, dock levelers, palletizers, and other material handling devices, ensuring efficient and safe movement of goods.

Marine and Offshore: These power packs are utilized in marine and offshore applications, powering hydraulic systems on ships, boats, and offshore platforms. They provide essential hydraulic functions for steering, stabilizers, winches, cranes, and other marine equipment.

Renewable Energy: Custom Build Power Packs play a role in renewable energy systems such as wind turbines and solar tracking systems. They provide hydraulic power for pitch control, yaw control, and other functions, optimizing the performance and efficiency of renewable energy installations.

Emergency and Rescue Equipment: These power packs are integrated into emergency and rescue equipment, including hydraulic rescue tools, vehicle recovery systems, and fire suppression systems. They enable reliable operation and quick response in critical situations.

Specialized Applications: Custom Build Power Packs cater to specialized applications in various industries such as aviation, mining, agriculture, and defense. They provide power for specific hydraulic functions, meeting the unique requirements of these sectors.